Love Is---Rod Stewart

And so you come to me with your questions

On a subject on which I'm well-versed

Though I'm still as dumbfounded as the first time I found her

It's either a blessing or a curse

Although I cannot offer solutions

It would be reckless of me to try

Cause it's mystified man ever since time began

But hold on to your hat and I'll try

Love is like a burning arrow

It can pierce the coldest heart

Love is warm, love is patient

And the craziest thing you'll ever start

All right

I recall when I was a young man

A day I'm never allowed to forget

There was a girl that I met who I dreamed I would wed

Forever our lives entwined

She said "you gotta stop worrying about the future"

"You know we're far too young for that"

"I wanna spread my wings like a willow in the spring"

I never saw her pretty face again

Love is life, love is yearning

It does not boast, but speaks the truth

Love is fair and knows no boundaries

And the craziest thing you'll ever do

Oh, yeah

I wish you well in all of your travels

And may you find what you're searching for

It'll hit you like thunder when you find one another

And stay in your heart forevermore

Love is like a four-leaf clover

Hard to find and hold onto

Love is blind, love is tender

And the craziest thing you'll ever do

So crazy



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